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 scenario of the world if maths is removed!!!!! (17)

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scenario of the world if maths is removed!!!!!

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There would not be a world without maths, maths is integral in the structure of the entire universe.

nummi(1435) Disputed
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Maths is a language created by humans to understand the universe. But that is not all it is used for. In the structure of the universe there is only energy, matter, all kinds of particles and else that affect each other one way or another. Maths cannot exist without numbers and equations and in the structure of the universe there are no numbers or equations.

PresChaffy(172) Disputed
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Are you a fucking retard? There would not be a world without science, maths is inferior to science as science creates understanding of the universe.

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^ youre both stupid, no offense, but damn, math is not a language humans inented math is like a code that we have learned to break...

and science cant do anything without math

planetary alignments run on math

anachronist(889) Disputed
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You alright Mic?

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maths is inferior to science as science creates understanding of the universe.

How do you think science works, it uses units of measurement (math) to make observations of the universe

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Science will dominate!!!

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Science is based on math and requires it to function.

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Well, you say we need maths, which is true, for humans! We humans use maths as a way of expressing things. For example if we were to use maths to explain a black hole, all the numbers and expressions wouldn't actually be the black hole, it's just a way of saying "If E= energy, M= mass, and C is the speed of light, and we square this, then.." Maths is just a simple way for us to explain things. We could live without it, but the world would be a hell of a lot more simple!

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Well, it would deteriorate. Starting from a stone to a superstructure, you find maths everywhere. So, it is very important. Moreover, you cannot possibly remove maths. Even if you glance at your fingers, you count ten. You have two hands. There are million more examples. So,...............

Math is just an extension of man's ability to think things out logically. It uses numbers to represent a variety of events based in reality to help us better recognize patterns in nature an society.

There can be a world that can't be understood. The thing is, no one can express with language what it's like, it only is. Being does not imply inherent logic.

Society would be severely handicapped without Math. Basic figurations could not be accomplished.