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school uniform code

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Uniforms are a great idea for schools. I used to think t hat kids should have their own personal style but ever since my daughter has had to wear the uniform i have noticed a difference in attitude among the kids that were bullied before.

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Search 'school uniform' and see how many debates have been posted about this.

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Where is the fun it that?

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I didn't say it would be fun?

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Um you could do random stuff on those old debates😏..............

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school uniforms don't allow students to use they're imagination and to express themselves.

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Your probably on to something...........................................

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thank you. If every school had uniforms students would not be encouraged to be who they are. In some places schools have droped art, chior, and etc....

MrPrime(268) Disputed
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I'm not sure if I'm for or against but for the sake of debate, I think your argument shows some good reasons why uniforms SHOULD be used.

- Students should be focusing imagination and creativity in to other academic/social areas while at school.

- If what you say is true and clothing is an important show of imagination/expression then students with less money (can't afford the latest and greatest clothes) may be viewed as having less imagination/expression by other students through no fault of their own (they come from a poor family).

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Have school uniform offers a sense of pride, belonging, safety and more.

School uniform is associated with work and students will work better with out the distraction of their own clothes (just think how much more chaos there is on home clothes days)

just think of the expense of keeping up with the latest trends etc. and it prevent bullying towards those who have different taste or not enough money to renew their wardrobe every season.

rockerstar(30) Clarified
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I'am not trying to make this about money ok. I honestly think that students can have enough self control to not get distracted by there own clothes. Look who cares about trends students can come up with there own trends. Look i gusse what i am trying to say is students should not have uniforms because they would all look alike and thats just not cool. Why would someone want to look just like someone else what sets them apart.

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ok i see your points. But still i'am saying that letting students wear what they want is a good why for them to feel safe. You said that having a unifrom would make people feel like they belong that maybe to be other students will make someone feel unwanted or out of place.

I will opine that a school uniform code takes the guesswork out of what to wear to school in the morning.