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school uniform should be banned?

should scbhool uniform be banned


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i think they should Be banned because some people can not afford uniforms for school. it is really expensive. :(

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please leave your thoughts and comments thank you very much

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that would make the rich show off their money by going overboard with the dress. and people who can't afford all that will become socially awkward.

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Yes and no, but mostly no.

As much as I like the idea of having code of no uniforms, but with restrictions on what can be worn to reduce costs and still retain some degree of modesty, you just can't apply that to every school.

Schools that want a more stringent dress policy should be allowed to decide for themselves.

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Check out the link below and all will be almost transparent ;)

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I think we should ban school uniform debates.

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Because children who wear less fashionable clothing would get bullied for it.

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