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school uniforms

school uniforms are just boring to wear. they just makr us realize that we have to go schools

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Wow, a classic debate! Here's why I would say YES:

Uniforms, though often tacky, uncomfortable and downright unpopular, provide a good view of how the school is united.

After all, you would rather send your child to a school who actually WANT to teach these children something useful, than to a school who are happy enough to let children run around in whatever they please and doing whatever they want.

It also prevents the possibility of untasteful clothing appearing in school. Think about it this way: would you send your kid to a school who let kids run around in clothes with curse words on them? With a uniform, the idea of a more tasteful school is sealed and positive.

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A school uniform takes the guesswork out of what a student is to wear to school.

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I don't mind school uniforms.Kids are warned a lot that they must wear better clothes as in don't show underwear, don't show racial comments, things like that. People should be able to express themselves, but if they can't do it in a more appropriate manner then they need uniforms. They still have a chance outside of school to wear whatever they want. It's no big deal.

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i think there would be a lot less people in trouble over their clothes every single day .

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I can't see anything wrong with school uniforms, and I'm a student! I believe that there is too much effort put into dress code and that it can all be solved with a school uniform. It also gets students used to wearing more formal attire. And besides, what is so great about we students expressing ourselves? Most people my age dress like hoods and prostitutes whenever they can, and defending that just makes me wonder...

Also, school uniforms would eliminate prejudice based on clothing, which sometimes is a very bad thing.

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School uniforms deter from uniqueness and diversity, yet it unites the student body.

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Here's why I would have to say NO:

Obviously, they are tacky, uncomfortable and downright unpopular.

If a student were to, for example, write swear words on his uniform rather than wear a shirt of his own, then that makes the school look bad, not just the student.

They are disliked by most students, which lead to many students disliking them, which then leads to students and teachers quarreling about uniforms, which finally leads to debates like this one.

There are just so many problems with them, however, these problems can be solved, with a little 'discussion.'

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They should be banned because student should be able to express their selves with (hats,shirts,etc)

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