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send small arms and ammunition to Syrian rebel forces?


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Those rebels aren't good people, They are pretty much Islamic terrorists, so Maybe it would be better to take out Syrian army but not giving anything to them because the Will turn it against you.

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There are people in more urgent need in other parts of the world.

I don't believe you have read this news article (otherwise you would have requested rocks for Palestinians instead):

Palestinians Finally Run Out of Rocks

WEST BANK - Palestinian stone throwers disclosed for the first time Friday, that due to a gross miscalculation of their arsenal, they had finally run out of rocks and would be forced to come up with more inventive ways of continuing their Intifada on the Jewish state of Israel.

"I reached down to grab a rock this morning and all I got was a handful of sand," said one Palestinian militant who asked to remain anonymous. "I tried throwing it but it just blew back in my face. Man, It really stung my eyes!"

Militant groups were quick to cast blame for the depletion of their arsenal on a group of teenage "stone hogs" who exhausted the supply by throwing indiscriminately at passing cars, various neighborhood bullies and the occasional stray dog.

Others accused a local housewife of wasting the rocks by building "a cute little gravel path" leading up to a backyard bird feeder.

"The important thing is to find another resource as quickly as possible," said Palestinian militant leader, Hamid Al Gazi. "Meanwhile, we're alternating between spitting on the Israelis and throwing feces at them. We really need to find some alternatives quick."

The U.N. was asked to send an emergency shipment of rocks to the Palestinians as a stop gap while they sort out the problem.


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I agree with joecavalry. Rebellion does not mean morally correct. Sometimes it is. But not 100% of the time. Look at the start of communism.

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