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sex before marrige

This is an outrage


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1) It's legal - in most of the Western world, anyway.

2) It's the norm, not the exception - even among the religious. You're clearly in a small minority when you abstain.

3) It's a major key to happiness long term together. Face it, bad or insufficient sex is one of the major reasons relationships fall apart.

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DBCooper(2194) Disputed
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1) It's legal - in most of the Western world , anyway

Really do you abstain from having sex with minors because you said sex before marriage is legal.

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Sex with minors is illegal. Your trolling is too nonsensical to even be annoying.

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Grenache(6054) Disputed
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Yes, I abstain from sex with minors. Just because premarital sex is legal does not mean a person automatically is then having sex with minors. You wasted your argument.

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Mint_tea(4647) Disputed
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That comment makes zero sense.

Sex with a minor is illegal. Do you think once a person turns 18 they automatically get married? Is THAT the comparison you are trying to make?


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Hello t:

Yes, and after marriage too............................


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Obviously, you should be able to decide it for yourself. Some consider things "special" and want to "preserve" themselves.

But the freedom to decide rests only upon you.

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I highly recommend it. It has worked well for me through two marriages, one for 14 years, another for 42 and counting, never divorced.

During many of those encounters, I (and possibly they), decided we may not work out. Never one to jump to conclusions, I usually gave it several tries ... after all, we don't want to make an irrational decision on something as important as marriage. Surely, we want goodness and mercy to follow us all the days of our marriage! ;-)

I wish all those who are open minded a good marriage, as mine has been. To those who are close minded, ...the same .... as well as ... "good luck"!

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It is good to have sex before marriage. It helps in a concentrated mind and healthy relationship.

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Be pure and stay with the lord heck no sex before marriage.......................................................................................................

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Sex out of wed lock is wrong. When you have sex two people are joined as one, in the words of the bible.

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While most people like to have sex with tons of people as they try to find "the one", I believe that you should wait until marriage to have sex. Two people who have had sex are binded in God's eyes. Do you really want to be binded with like ten different people. Sex is meant to be something special but if you're sleeping with very person on the block it's just a daily routine with no meaning and that's not what it was meant to be.

Waiting til marriage also eliminates having kids going into a marriage and lowers the chance of getting an STD. :)

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