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should children have a babysitting?

Nowadays many parents have a babysitting. Many wonder is it good or not, and how it affects child development. And how does this affect the child's relationship with parents?



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"Unhappy wife, unhappy life." I know it's cliche, but a very good cliche. A child who has a mother who tries to do everything will also grow screwed up. And who is there to think of the parent(s)? Child-rearing shouldn't be a prison.

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I think that a babysitting is necessary for parents. Of course, there are some conditions, like a babysitting should have a recommendations from some other parents. Also, a babysitting should be educated. And she/he should be quite calm.

Moreover, parents should spend time with their children and not leave a complete education of the child to a babysitting.

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No, I definitely against having babysitters. There is almost all the time more harm coming from them. I think that people before having children must think about all the responsibilities they will have to assume. This includes looking after children. They have to understand that children will take all their time. And also, in my opinion, all parents have to nurture their children on their own and do not shift their obligations to babysitters.

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as i mentioned before parents should nurture their children themselves. A babysitting will just to help them to look after a child. For example, she/he can sit with baby sometimes when parents are busy or they have to go to somewhere and so on.

I didn't say that a babysitting should be with a child all the time untill he will grow up. Parents will nurture their child themselves, and a babysitting will help them to look after him.

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