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should children under 12 be able to leave school and get a job?

debating on should tthe youngest of teens be able to leave there dignity and hopes behind and enter the mean and cruel world which is full of surprises and uneasiness.?

yes they should

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no they shouldn't

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No because half of the class wouldnt even be smart enough to turn on the stove much less cook the burger!!!

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12 year old children should most definitely not be allowed to leave school. They don't know how to drive! Where would they work? No company is going to hire someone that has no idea what they are doing? Although I think it's wrong the idea that they could be able to leave school I do think they should get a low job. Not job job but when I was that age I was babysitting for the whole neighborhood and made a ton of money. I wanted to save for college! 12 year old children are not incompetent, but they aren't old enough or smart enough to be able to go out on their own yet.

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They are minors and must be compelled to stay in school. When they turn 18 and finish high school, then they can get a job.

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no because they are not even intelligent yet and sommething could come up and puzzle them more.

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