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should girls play sports with boys?

i think Girls should play boys because its right


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Sports should have weight and height classes and then whom can play should be determined by those objective standards.

For example, I actually think it's ridiculous that 99% of basketball players simply are the tallest people in society. Yes, height gives an advantage in reach. But if there were separate leagues for the tall, the average, and the short, then finally a whole wide range of people, regardless of gender, could participate for real.

And then other sports, where it's simply who is fastest, can be everyone regardless of gender. Most sports keep separate kinds of victory records and trophies anyway. You could have all the pole vaulters compete together regardless of gender and then have not only a winner overall but also a winner from among the men and from among the women.

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cruzaders(326) Disputed
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I agrree on what you said about basketball but not sure putting men and women in the same competitions is a good idea

Imagine a race with mixed genders: 3 men arrive first and then a woman in 4 th place, only one man would get a trophee and the woman would get one too; I can imagine the two other males runners would be mad bc they arrived before her and didnt get anything

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I don't think that's how it would work. But I do say women and men playing the same game would be trouble for all major sports. MLB, NBA, NFL, and many other would have to expand there draft drastically and also having to try and keep it even would be a hassle for those sports industries to make it even for both males and females.

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Rusticus(810) Disputed
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@Grenache - In general, people only care about who wins and in basketball for example that's going to be the team with the best players and because height is such an advantage in basketball the team with the best TALL players is going to win. You can have a basketball team with a height requirement of under 5 ft if you like, but the public isn't going to care because the best team is always going to be the team with the best tall players and that isn't going to be short men or women.

Also, despite what the Declaration of Independence says, all people are not created equal either mentally or physically and this certainly applies to men and women. If you put women on the field with men in a rough contact sport for example, either the men will have to go easy on the women which would make the contest pointless or the women will get hurt. It ain't rocket science.

Girls wrestling boys is the worst idea I've ever heard of.

Schools can't afford to have 3 or 4 different basketball teams, 3 or 4 football teams ect.

I suggest you read a Kurt Vonnegut story titled "Harrison Bergeron".

The story takes place in a nightmarish future where everyone is handicapped so no one is better than anyone else. I think you might like it.

They made a movie of it, here's the trailer:

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The specific question is about girls and boys, which means pre-pubescents of different sexes. Girls and boys can play sports together on equal footing.

This is distinct from women and men playing sports together.

Most of the physiological differentiation between the sexes, particularly in terms of muscle mass and body composition, does not begin until puberty. After puberty is when, IN GENERAL, males have advantages in MOST sports. At that point there is some sense in segregating athletes by sex.

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Rusticus(810) Disputed
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You know as well as I do that this issue isn't about prepubescent children. Girls are clamoring to play on boys high school teams all across the country.

Stupidest thing I've ever heard of:

Supporting Evidence: simply ridiculous (
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marcusmoon(579) Clarified
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What part of my response are you disputing? Near as I can tell, we pretty much agree.

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No, girls are much too rough.


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No. Boys are boys and boys are statistically stronger than girls. If girls could play with boys and vice versa, girls might be at a disadvantage and boys might be a disadvantage, depending on the game.

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OK, real-life example here. In gym class, everybody was forced to play a game. And every time, only a few select girls (such as myself) actually played dodgeball. Mostly, the others (who were generally the 'popular' sort) stayed in the back and shrieked. In kickball, we were occasionally split male/female into teams, and in general, girls were given five outs when boys got two, or some other ridiculous proportion.

But what I noticed was that the people who generally refused to play were not the ones who were incapable. Indeed, most of the non-players were in sports. But it was the fact that they were just apathetic to the game that they didn't play.

The gym teachers KNEW this fact, and it was not blatant sexism that made them give girls more chances or outs.

But on another note, they did give girls who were actually terrible the chances to get better.

But to the question here. Men and women have different physiologies and their bodies are made differently. So there would be a large disadvantage with there.

Do I believe that women could win against men if they tried hard enough? Yes. Do I think that it is possible for a woman to play with a men's team? Yes. But my issue is from watching the so-called "sporty" girls in my class not participate whatsoever.

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