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should mccain won in 2008

do you think we would be better off if it was president mccain


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mccain was too much like bush and he wanted the bush tax cuts to e premant and contuie the massive spending

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Obama's budget is much more higher than Bush.------------

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What degenerate place were you born that didn't teach you English?

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No way. Obama's awesome.

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If he won we'd have had Palin as vice president. No thanks.

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A couple of things, first paragraph below deals with public image... then the second below will be why I prefer Obama over McCain...

It is highly unlikely he would have won at all if you were to play back the tape to the election... have any of you read Fahrenheit 451? There is a scene in there dealing with a election, the women (more than one) voted for one candidate because he looked better, was taller, thiner, younger, and didn't put out complicated ideas on politics just simple stuff. The same can be said as a big reason why Obama won, because people are easily swayed by these factors unless entrenched in their ideology... I mean 'hope' and 'change' are damn easy to remember slogans. Obama's campaign seemed to emphasize his better looks, and easy concepts to grasp described small words, which gets votes. Like it or not.

I do prefer him for trying newer things (well more new things than the alternative, excluding indies), actually experimenting with society hoping to optimize it (people always have what seems to them the best interests of the world at heart) while there are policies I disagree with as a quasi-socialist (nationalize the damn health care, don't corporatize it!) this way we can see what works (better) for american society rather than keep doing the same old things... I don't know if the world will end up as a atheistic-communistic-fascist-satanic society if he remains in power for two more years, but hey at least we tried something else. It will be over soon anyways. Billions spent, however we really don't see the affect those billions have on the world until at least a decade into the future when we can get a bigger picture... see the American (or French) Vietnam for perceived worth when it was started compared to now.

In short, people are manipulated by good looks and small words. As well as we are trying something new, which will take time to see the full situation and the effect of actions/policies taken.

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as long as Sarah Palin is in the republican party and their is more then a 00.000000000000000000001% chance she might become president, i will never vote republican, and if she became vice president the risk would have been to high

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Barack Obama was the better candidate. McCain deserved to lose in 2008.

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