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should parents pay for the crimes of their children?

i have a debate on friday!! am the opposing side and i need notes for my script


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i think so cause they are the ones responsible for the child and they should ensure the well being

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brycer2012(1002) Disputed
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What does the link have to do with your argument? The parents aren't the one's that committed the crimes so why should they have to pay.

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Parents are responsible for their children's actions, so, they should pay for their crimes.

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Absolutely not! Society seems to blame parents for the sins of the child - but they won't give the parents the right to spank or most other forms of discipline.

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You make a very good point. People always fuss when a parent spanks their child as a form of punishment. My parents spanked me and I think I came out fine...a lot better than those who weren't.

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Although development of children is highly depended on the parents ability of upbringing, it is unfair to inflict crimes of their children onto the parents despite it may have been their lack of ability to effectively provide and teach good morals and understand rule of law.

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