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Should people choose to go to elementary school or be forced to attend?


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your choice

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ya it should be force to go through k-12 grade but colege is you choice

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but if people dont go to school the econimy will plument because people wont get jobs

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Well kids have to go to school because its the law. To have your children be in school. Also we have a privledge to go to school because in other countries like Africa don't have school or can't afford it. We are lucky to have a free education.

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I bloody hope that you will be forced to go to elemtry school.

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Children have to be compelled to go to school. They just can't decide to stay home.

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Of course it should be forced. These people, are CHILDREN, not to say they don't have rights, but they are still under guardianship, in which it's their guardians responsibility to make informed decisions for these children. K-12 is something that all children should have the experience of going through, not to say we all learned a bunch of useless bull shit during our elementary-high school years, but you learn a lot of life lessons...such as your social development, etc. and the odd useful thing taught in class. ;)

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kids shouldn't have the option to go to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Obviously no one forced you, since you used the horribly mangled and possibly made up words "elemtry", "econimy", "plument", and "wont".

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if youd given me the choice, i wouldnt have gone to school. and i doubt anyone would have, except thosewhose parents forced them (which would probably be most, including me)

but i admit now that i am better off having gone to school, even if back then i would have chosen not to

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If people are forced to got to school, they won't have the same learning potential.

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Will they have more or less learning potential if they are forced?

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Forced Education is bad on so many levels I'm just going to name the most important reasons why it's GOT TO GO...

1. It's against your will. Education is a choice, not an obligation, not a duty, not a law. We have rights that if we don't want to use them we don't have to. We should choose whether to go to school or not no matter what age.

2. It takes up a LOT of your free time. Children could be exercising, playing outside, making friends in a more natural environment but instead there locked up in a concrete building for 7+ hours learning junk they don't like and will HARDLY ever use. And this is for the 11+ years of their life most of all they see is just school.

3. It forces you into a social environment. Filled with people you won't like, potential bullies and abusive teachers. You should choose how to spend your social life.

4. Your learning what you don't like Mentioned in reason #2 but to go further a LOT of what you learn in school is pointless. You'll barely use any English, Science, Math, or Social Studies you "learn" in your career.

5. The education is crap. It's bad enough your forced to learn it's even WORSE that what your forced to learn is crap. Dull worksheets, test, quizzes and other crap are your assignments. Yeah they can be fun at times but the classroom could be such a much more exciting place to learn.

6. It's a form of state control. The government gets to watch over YOUR KIDS. The government gets to make YOUR KIDS work. The government gets to control YOUR KIDS. Forced education dumbs down society training to think in collective thought, act a certain way and accomplish certain things. To mindlessly serve society in terms of goods and services a.k.a the economy.

7. It's a strain on kids. Being pressured to make good grades, get credit for college, getting into a college, dealing with bullies etc. really takes a toll on kids. They need a break for a lot of this and they don't get it!

8. It's taking away parents rights. Once you take your kids to school they're not your kids anymore they belong to the school. The school is responsible for their safety and well being. They're not allowed to leave campus even if they're responsible enough to do so. You don't get to parent your kid anymore for the time being.

9. It produces a bad society. People (in general) in school are boring. They don't care about others or what they're learning. They don't have the right environment to strive for this is all there exposed to. This in turn leads to a dull society of mindless workers and non-creative thinkers. It leads to a selfish society.

10. Last and final reason... It just doesn't help. Forcing kids to go to school doesn't make them learn it just doesn't! Kids are still going to fail, skip classes, misbehave so on and so forth. If they don't want to learn... If they don't want to be here... Then they're not going to learn!

So what needs to change? Everything about education needs to change. It needs to be optional no matter what they age! The only people who should be able to force you into school should be your parents! Your legal guardians! Not the government. Not society. You are an individual you get to control your life. How about this if the kid wants to go to school the parent legally has to take them. If the parent wants the kid to go to school the kid has to legally go to school. If none of them wants to go to school they don't have to. As long as the parent can take care of the kid (feed, cloth etc.) for the time being the kid doesn't have to be taken away. When I get older when I have more options I'm going to protest for optional education all the way all over America. I'll find people who agree with me and we'll band together to make it happen. To truly improve education and society!

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