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 should people listen to music in headphones or out loud (6)

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should people listen to music in headphones or out loud

in head phones so they wont disturb anyone

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no the person should be kind enough and waer head phones and it woul be just be disrespective blasting music out loud

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I think listen from headphones is better ,because it isn't disturb other people and you can take your headphones everwhere with you .

Headphones sound also better than when you 're listen outloud .

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Listen from the headphone because it's private and don't disturb other people. Also, the sound will be much better if you listen from the headphone.

It completely depends on where you are at the time.

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I believe that it depends on the music. If it's a song that everyone within hearing range likes, then yes, maybe they could blast it out loud. Other than that, I advise just listening privately in your headphones or ear buds.

Side: It depends
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I would listen to music with headphones because you could be on a bus and the driver doesn't want to have music so they tell you to turn it off and then that's when you listen to headphone. I like using headphones wherever I go. I don't listen out lound unless its at home when my dad listens to music or in the car when he blasts on some music.

Side: It depends