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should students have an after school job

we have a serious problem about students having work problem


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It should be up to the student. Although, I do not think it would hurt the student (I'm assuming you're talking about high school), to develop work skills, as long as it does not interfere with their education.

With that being said, we have the highest teenage unemployment since the Great Depression now, because the decent paying jobs that adults used to have that one could raise a family off of are not available to many people, so many educated adults are working in fast food and retail, and have taken the jobs that traditionally been jobs for teenagers to develop job skills and save money for a car. So, we have a dilemma, and the only way that can be fixed is by making jobs available for teenagers again, and the only way that will happen is if our entitled corporate entities bring jobs back to the U.S.

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Yes. It teaches students everything they have to know once they step out of the gates.

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DrawFour(2662) Clarified
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I doubt mcdonalds will go very far towards a future career.

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Centifolia(1318) Clarified
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It's called opportunity and it's far better than being a NEET

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SaraKhan1234(4) Disputed
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okay fine it does teach them but how would dey learn properly when they wont be in proper shape they wud be so tired that they wudnt be able to even stand properly ..

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Yea, i dont see a reason for the opposite...i mean it will teach them responsibility and hard work..there is nothing wrong with extra money...

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Yes and No.

Yes,because students nowadays need savings to buy their own products. A job would be a great idea as it will teach the students to be responsible and to learn to save and earn their own money. This will help parents as their child would know how to earn/save/spend money when they grow. When they make mistakes, they will eventually learn as they keep doing it.. So when they become an adult, they will be very knowledgable. Some people might say that they won't learn but that is why we have parents. Parents will correct us and teach us as they have been through their own problems which are similar to the ones we are facing currently.

No, because usually students have after school activities or tuition. Here in Singapore, students have CCAs (Co-Curricular Activities) after school which usually lasts for 3 hours. Facts: School ends at 2.30pm and CCA ends at 6.00pm. Usually after this, students would go for tuition or maybe have dinner with their family at a nearby restaurant. So, as students, we have many commitments, and we need to prioritise the activities that are more important than others. As a student, we need to prioritise school first as at this age, school matters, not really work. When you get good grades, then you can work all you want and earn all the money you want. It is important to know what and which is more important. This will help a student to save time. On top of this, students face 2 tests every single week. These tests contribute to our CA1 and CA2 grades which in turn help our main exam papers. If there is tests, there has to be studying. On top of this, the stress that a student faces when they have so many things to juggle.

Consider these two good points and try to dispute it. Thanks!

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I would like to vote for having a job after school. But I understand all the disadvantages you give about the lack of time to study, etc. But I think we all should turn our ratio on and realize that students go to work after school because of thousands of reasons. It could be caused by problems with money, or maybe they want to have their money without any damage to study, or maybe they want to improve skills or get more knowledge/practice. This list can go on and on by a lot of us. For example, I also have a job, where I go after college because it helped me to develop my skills and find a future job easier. Yes, I better look for the reviews on the best research paper writing services to complete my term at college, but it doesn`t mean I don`t catch all the information from the course. So, we all can think and choose the best way for us after thinking about all the risks and advantages.

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While it is a good opportunity to get them into the world of work, an AFTER school job is something I would vote against. If it were a WEEKEND job, then I'd support it. A student has already gone through an extremely long day and probably has received homework on top of that. An AFTER school job would only add more pressure which could be more harmful than productive.

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Yes, this is true. I completely agree with you. But I disagree with you when it comes to weekends as students are dumped with homework from many subjects that they have. On top of this, they have to manage the many projects from these different teachers. Every single teacher thinks that his/ her subject is more important that the other teacher's subject. And when you don't meet the requirements of these projects and work, you get and ADC (Academic Detention Class). Which means that you have to stay back after school to do the work. These ADCs are recorded down into your record. See? Life is hard. We just have to face it and overcome it

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wth no they shudnt theyd b dead tired they wont be able to do their work efficiently as they wud b tired and they wont have da capacity to do it they can end up having lots of health issues which can be "dangerous"

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