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youre god damn right he should the womans choice BLABLABLA
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should the baby daddy be able to veto the abortion/adoption decision?

im amazed that bitches get away with doing this despite what the father thinks/ has the world come to? are men not at the top of the food chain?

imagine king henry the 8th's queen saying "sorry henry, i dont want to get fat"

i dont give a fuck if its her body that cooks the bun...if the slut isnt prepared to get pregnet and hatch the little fucker...she should do everything possible to prevent the pregnancy.

and if she lets the baby daddy know she's knocked up and still gets an abortion when he wants to keep it...he should be able to sue that bitch for a fat block of cheese for ....permanent emotional damages ;) 

but dont get me wrong, i think the more abortions the better...this world has enough of you fucktards

youre god damn right he should

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the womans choice BLABLABLA

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He's nothing but a sperm donor.

Side: the womans choice BLABLABLA

The deposit the father gives is a gift, therefore, the female can decide to do with his gift whatever way pleases her.

Side: the womans choice BLABLABLA