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should tonicole come back on CD ?

okay, so here's the thing: I ran into Tonicole the other day and talked for awhile.  this site came up in the conversation and she said that she was too pissed off about what had happened here a few months ago on this site behind her back to even go on.

if you want her back on here help me get her back on !

hells yeah !

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fuck no !

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I would like to see more of the people that were on before come back on. Don't give up!!!

But yeah, the more the merrier. To a point, of course, but we could use more.

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Can you give those of us who don't know about the situation a bit of a heads up on what did happen? She happens to be an ally and I've not seen her for a while but she's been absent for some weeks at other times. She's a good debater and I, for one, would love to see her come back and share her insights on our debates and her own. Don't give up Toni...I've decided to leave at least 3 times but held on...I'm glad I did but there's always something to piss you off so that it becomes hard to stay at times. You've been good to me since day one and I shall miss your soulful remarks if you don't come home again!

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okay, well, what happened was kind of a few people and mine's fault, and i regret that we ever even got involved in the first place, but it's kind of late.

okay, so last summer, to put things bluntly, toni and adam (altarion) got into this huge fight thing and she thought it would be better if she had nothing to do with him from that point on cuz it would hurt her too much.

now, to carmen (crossmyheart) and i, she's practically a little sister to us. we've always been extremely protective of her. and we had noticed that adam would be participating in her debates, so being the extremely protective people we are, didn't like that at all. so we started chewing him out on everything. she found out, got pissed at us for being so stupid, and then hasn't been on since.

i admit, it was ENTIRELY our fault and we deserve being treated the way we are from her right now, but all we wanted to do was protect her.

...given of course we could have done things better but still. it was entirely and completely our bad.

and i for one feel horrible cuz i realize now that what we did was not in her best interest at all, and also that she's not the kind of person you want to EVER get mad. ):

this is the first time she hasn't been on because she was upset about the way her friends were acting, even if it was towards someone she didn't like. the other times she would always just be busy with school and dance.

i hope she forgives us for acting this way, and adam, if youre reading, i'm really sorry about everything we said to you. I think that if treating you bad got toni mad when she isn't even your friend anymore, then you really didn't deserve it...

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I favor your remarks simply because they seem honest, true and apologetic to all. I commend you for that. Now to the real deal. We want her back, there is no doubt about that, but she needs to come back because she wants to! She needs to forgive those of you who created this conundrum and you owe her your most heartfelt apologies. Please ask her to get in touch with me, either here, myspace, facebook or email. I'll try to do what I can to help.

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Oh fackk yeah Tonicole. Come back. I iz still here girl. ;)

Hey, it wasn't me who pissed you off.... right?

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NOTHING to do with you i promise. I can't believe this whole mess started because I wouldn't log on. like seriously.

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Well, you've got to admit, they got you to take notice and log on. ;)

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I don't know who this person is, and I don't know what happened. Perhaps you could create a debate called "what happened with tonicole" or something like that, and you could explain it in the debate description.

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Yeah I think she was a little tiny bit before my time? But that just means I have to go research her now.

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i think she should. I don't know her, but she's part of one of my favorite dance teams and i would love to actually talk to her, find out more about the team.

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