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should we help Africa until they are as technologically advanced as us


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Well, i don't really see the reason why the more advanced continents like Europe or America should "help" Africa. First, do they really need our help? If we got technology and money it doesn't mean that we are richer or better than them. Let's analyze it a bit.

We got factories that build our cars, computers and practically everything that we have in our houses. We got cars that we pay taxes for. We got comfort, but we got to work daily just to keep our financial situation stable. Factories that make our bottled water pollute the air that we breath and we pay even more taxes to keep our environment clean(it doesn't seem to work out tho). We live in big cities where we can barely move a muscle and we call ourselves advanced.

Let's see what Africa got. Well, yes, they don't really have money, nor industry, not even a working political network. But do they really need it? Most of the africans live in small villages cut off from civilization and have never heard of intel or BMW. Does that bother them? No. They have a happy life, they're not in a rush all day, don't have to work to earn that 1000 bucks every month. They got their gardens that they grow their vegetables and fruits in, they got bows and lances to hunt with. They get their food daily and they eat fresh meat, while we gnaw on steaks with 66 chemicals in them. Also, they got beautiful landscapes, clean, breathable air and harmony.

So, despite that we got more money and "power", we don't really have any reason to think that we are superior to them. Africa is happy without us and our technology and it's a place that should be left as it is, more or less untouched. :)

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We are far better off cheaply exploiting their impoverished countries for oil, diamonds and gold. ;)

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Attempting to do that would astronomically increase our debt.

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No, I think it was western nations trying to "help" them, that created some of these problems in the first place.

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Um...where was the help when we needed it? Some of those kids received free laptops, not just a few, but many entire schools received free laptops to help them. My parents, and I, both had to work to get the computer that I use.

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