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come home!!. we miss yall!. war should continue.
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 come home!!. we miss yall!. (2)
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should we still be in war or should are soldiers come home??

i have many family members in the war that i havent seen in years & i believe its time for all this too end.. and they need to come home!

come home!!. we miss yall!.

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war should continue.

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i miss you all!!! i love my soldiers.. but id love em more at home!!!

Side: come home!!. we miss yall!.

It is now 2015 and the war in Afghanistan is still going on. This war is wasting American lives. End it now!

Side: come home!!. we miss yall!.
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I agree, finish the job so that others do not have to go back years from now.

Side: war should continue.

As much as I miss them, I think we shouldn't come home until the job is done.

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lol which war? Iraq or Afghanistan, and also its not really a war any more, but policing or occupation, a war is where two government army's collide in combat, what we have now is rebellious and religious groups struggling for power, its more of a splinter war if you want to use war at all in it. a splinter war is where there is no government, (or a weak one) and multiple factions compete for power and land, its pretty much a anarchist/warlord thing now,

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We shouldn't leave with the job undone. Doing that creates us more problems in the near future that will be even harder to solve.

Side: war should continue.