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super sonic vs super shadow

Ok we all know sonic and shadow have been in an endless war but lets say they've had enough of the war so they both turned super and got in a battle.Who do you think would win?

super sonic

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super shadow

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hmm,super sonic vs super say it could be either super sonic or super might have a better chance of being sonic no offence to people who think shadow would win!

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Well I love them both. Its kind of hard for me to say since they have awesome power. I don't know who to choose

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As much as i like them both i think supere sonic is better, he is playable in alot of games and ive only seen super shadow in sonic adnvanture 2 battle

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Ok, Ive played sonic my whole life and in these years ive seen something strange...shadow has 4 power rings that when he breaks off he get super powerful...but, when sonic gets 1 power ring he get 10 times more powerful than shadow with out the rings on his wrist and ankles... and yes normal shadow is stronger ,but supers, no, sonic is stronger

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Although I think they are completely even, the Sonic X (though canon) series shows the fight between them and Shadow has the upper hand. Shadow is a more efficient fighter but when Sonic goes Super I think that they are still even. Just look at their fights in the games

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Shadow, according to the Sonic Wiki and most of the games, can do everything Sonic can do in terms of fighting and powers. Plus he has those Chaos powers like Chaos Lance and Chaos Control, most of which Sonic doesn't have. That makes him more powerful in regular form, and I would say the odds are unchanged when they go Super, since they both get the same powers when they do so.

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