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After nearly a decade of gaming, it is obvious to me that the PS3 is the best console of our generation.

Don't fool yourself with xbox360.

The ps3 system offers everything a gamer needs and much more.

It has better technical properties and is also more stylish.

It also has more endurance and does not malfunction.

It is the latest gaming technology.

If you don't have it....BUY IT

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IPOD. THOUGH it dosent have that attractive titles. but its mighty and has a very bright future

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ohrob(6) Disputed
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Though I love the ipod/iphone, it's not anywhere near the level of graphics, usability, and engagement that a console/PC can provide. Can't ever imagine playing intensive games like Halo or Unchartered on an ipod. Not discounting some of the fun titles that can be found on iOS (like Angry birds and Plants vs Zombies). It may get there one day, but not there now.

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Not an xbox fan, I take it?

The iPod has a very bright future, and I wouldn't be surprised if Apple full out pushed the next generation into the gaming market, but for right now, there's not enough evidence to suggest that. It is a very great multimedia center, and if I had the money right now I would have bought one, but for some reason Walmart thinks only having iPod nanos with 8gigs for the same price as a classic with 120gigs is a great idea.(the classics were sold out when I had the money, so I was pretty pissed off.)

I'm going to go with the standard douchebag answer and say the best gaming console ever is the computer. Everyone says, "Well THATS NOT A GAMINGZ CANSIL RAWR." But as the generations of consoles get further and further in, the lines are becoming more and more blurred. Hell you can install different OSes on the PS3.

But anyways, the PC has the widest selection of games ever(including everything from earlier console generations if you're a pirate) and they're everywhere. So uh, Computers.

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traded by little brothers xbox360 for awhile to check it out, and I couldn't get my ps3 back fast enough.

Ipod would make me go blind with the tiny little screen, I just can't get into games that way. And for some reason I just can't get into playing games on a computer, can't sit on the couch, the controls are funny, etc.

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xbox 360 is the best by far because of its online playing games have addons to keep it going fallout3 has over 3 packs cod5 has 3 and its wide range of games

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BBSGaming(63) Disputed
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Online games having addons? WHAT TRICKERY IS THIS? Us PS3 users have never heard of an online Add-On! Dude, have you used a PS3 before? We have this thing called an Online Store, where you buy online add-ons as you would call them. Our online games are pretty much the same as yours and we don't have to pay for our online to use them.

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The PS3 is the best gaming console. While it doesn't have as many games as XBOX 360, the graphics are better and online play is free.

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You can connect your PSP Go! up to your PS3 and thus message people, view media and watch youtube videos, at the same time the PSP Go! has so much, its like a portable version of a PS3, those who have PSP Go!'s use it all the time, as it is a music, video and picture player, you can also surf the web quickly, and download videos and music from PSP Go! based sites

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Though it may not compete with today's latest consoles, for it's time Dreamcast represented leap forward in graphics and had some of the most compelling games (Soul Caliber, Crazy Taxi...two fond titles).

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