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the real "workers paradise"

As anyone who has meet me will tell you I don't exactly bye into communism. I've always believed it to be a nice idea that altimeter leed to sinister ends. Well now I have proof. This video (and the others in the serise) show communism ' s true colors. But what do you think is this video truth or propaganda?


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Government is propaganda. They don't care about you, it makes no sense for them to, they care about power, and control.

Communism sells "we're all equal"

Democracy sells "you have power"

Dictatorship sells "You stay alive so long as you recognize I'm in control"

The end game is all the same. You buy, they get money, power, and control over you.

This rant of mine aside, I don't believe anything is more wrong with communism than any other form of government. Done ideally they are all perfect, that's why people ever buy the ideas.

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warrior(1854) Disputed
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The problem with communism is that it can't exsist in its "perfect form"

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DrawFour(2662) Disputed
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Can anything?

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It depicts the USSR as the communist society rather than a communist society.

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warrior(1854) Disputed
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Well in a way it was. You see the USSR controlled it's satellite states through an agreement known as "common room" Because of which the Warsaw pact country's operated almost as a single country. Sort of like the relationship between the American State and federal governments.

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Stickers(1037) Disputed
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...Which is not a defining characteristic of communism .

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