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I notice that there are a lot of young people, or teenagers, like me here. I bet you go to high school or college or whatever, so I was curios what your plans for the future was? Like what education do you want, or what do you want to become?

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I want to become someone in the medical field in the future but I was thinking about becoming a pharmacist or a pharmacist technician and I will be going to college and if I can't make it into college then I will apply for border patrol.

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Why wouldn't you make it into college?

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Well they usually test your English to see if its at college level before you enter that's where I live at least.

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I'm going to be a senior in high school in the fall. I'm going to apply to many colleges, hopefully get into an Ivy League school. However, I'm undecided about a major or career.

I want to be rich but the liberals keep taxing me. ;)

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Ideally? I would love to become a professional author of fiction. Realistically? I have no fucking clue, though writing is something I'm leaning towards... though I'm just not sure how to implement it.

I'm 24 and a bit late to the college scene but eh. Better late than never, though I really should have gone earlier.

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At the moment I'm just going to college to study animal care but for my future job, I'm working towards being an RSPCA Inspector.

Finish highschool (i get good grades). Hopefully i can go to Stonehill College in Eastern Mass on a full track and field scholarship to study Astronomy/Astrophysics or maybe even Astrobiology. At least, thats my dream. But alas, wed rather fight stupid wars than fund the investigation of the last known frontier right above us.

If not that, then maybe a football or track scholarship to another college to study forensics or homeland security.

And of course, when in doubt, military.

Oh! and as a side job i wanna be an author. ive already written a fiction novel