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we should vaccinate we should not vaccinate
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to vaccinate or not to vaccinate

she vaccinations be offered the the citizens of the united states.

we should vaccinate

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we should not vaccinate

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Why wouldn't you vaccinate? I'm glad I haven't had smallpox or polio or rabies or tetanus, and it's vaccination that lets that happen. Vaccinations make everyone safer and happier in the long run.

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Offered to, but not forced upon. I'm one of the people who are a little iffy about vaccinations, and I'm definitely not getting the flu vaccine. But for those who want the vaccine, they should be available, especially if they'll protect the uninsured from disease and lower health care costs.

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I would love to be able to confidently vaccinate my children against serious disease. Unfortunately, it's just not safe. Drug companies have been allowed to create and market vaccines which contain some of the most dangerous substances known to man. Would you allow a nurse to inject your child with aluminium if it were not part of a vaccine? Would you allow your child to receive a shot of mercury if it was administered on it's own and not simply being used as an unsuitable preservative in a shot? How about aborted fetal matter? Does that sound like something any responsible parent should allow to be injected directly into their child's bloodstream? Of course not! Anyone who has researched the ingredients of vaccinations and is still comfortable with allowing their children to receive them has not researched them enough! All medicines have side effects. A certain brand of anti-viral used to treat a child for chickenpox may not be suitable for another child. Therefore how can one brand of vaccine be suitable to prevent all children from contracting the disease in the first place? Even children are individuals and each is apt to react differently. Safety needs to be drastically improved. Testing needs to be done independently of the companies who create them. CDC and FDA officials need to be prohibited from acepting huge paying jobs with the drug companies they are supposed to be regulating. Most of all, all the hazardous materials used as cheap ingredients to maximise profit margins need to be taken out. Until this is done - NO, we should not vaccinate.

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