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trintiy fact or fiction


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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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Griffins: Lion's head, snakes for a tail, and eagle wings, this is a Griffin. fact.

Hm, guess them must be real then ._.

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Griffins: Lion's head, snakes for a tail, and eagle wings, this is a Griffin. fact.

The lion's head and the snake tail actually belong to the flightless Chimera. The Griffin has an eagle's head and wings and a lion's body.

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Ye Flying Spaghetti Monster: Amylose, bolognese and magic. This is the Levitating Polysaccharide Horror. Fact.

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It's Christian Mythology. They're the only ones who believe in it. Of course it's fiction.

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AntiUncleC(12) Disputed
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depends what your definition of a christian is doesn't it.................... as there are loads of denominations of christians that don't believe in it too

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It's an opinionated belief. Nothing more. I think it's funny when some Christians freak out when someone dismisses their beliefs as mere fairy tales.

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I get the father/son bit, but what's up with the holy ghost? Could you explain that part to me (whether you do this before or after I'm banned from the debate is inconsequential, as I'll still be able to read your response should you chose to make one).

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Tis da spirit of God n Jesus but jesus has the power of god

but der we go i don believe in it but tis complicated

as i am a christadelphian

well at least 1 of dis group using dis user is.

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Unless we someone see produced before us a holy father, son and ghost, it is safe to assume that they are fiction.

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hi all readers

compliment of the day

for those still not clear about the trinity fraud.

the verses below is a very good example of trinitarian formula absence. as you all know baptism ritual is a very crucial step towards YHWH and is the agreement between you and GOD. the absence of the trinitarian formula is clear that in gospel times there are no trinity doctrine.

i just need to share some of my research on the trinity issues. Unfortunately for the christians trinity is more likely to be fake then real. heres why...

Mark(48-55) 1:8

Lk(57-62) 3:16

Mt(65-70) 3:11

Jhn(90-100) 1:33

Acts(62-63) 1:5

The above Baptism verses are the example of trinity fraud ;none of the early gospels had ever baptized by the trinity formula ; the holy spirit ,father and the son.

bur the verses above in general are of "John baptized you with .......& then jesus will come to baptized you with ........(over here should be in trinitarian formula but its not) "

These baptisms formulas from the above mentioned verses is very explicit ,that showed the doctrine of trinity was NOT adopted during Jesus time and beyond. Ancient records showed NOt until 325AD.

However ,the only trinity formula was in the Mat 28:19 and it was a later changed and added the trinity formula after the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD By Constantine orders. there are many references to show the verse is not real too & i will let you readers know later,

Later the church confessed about the Mat 28:19

"The baptismal Formula was changed from the name of Jesus christ to the words the father ,son, and holy spirit in the second century." (see catholic encyclopedia Vol. 2 ,page 263 & youtube)

best regards


"How well we know ,

what profitable superstition this Fable of christ

has been for us."

Pope Leo X (1513-1521)

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considering the fact that i am delphi i believe that the trinity would completely cancel out the meaning of the crucifiction thus its kind of stupid...

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