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trump for president

who do think is going to be the president and why do you think so.


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Hillary Clinton is a lying corrupt women who she be in jail not running for president. She has lied to the FBI and to the people of America. It is just that some people who are so shallow don't even care that she is a lying murder they see she is a women and votes.And I believe there is word for discriminating against people because of their gender?Oh yeah it's called being SEXIST.

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Hillary, but that's largely because I'd like to think that the American public is smart enough not to elect someone who wants to completely disrupt the global diplomatic landscape and economy on the pretense of rebuilding an industrial sector that can't possibly ever be rebuilt, all the while exploding our debt to the tune of 5.3 trillion over the next ten years.

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Look I hate to say this, but what you think is wrong. Most people want Trump and I don´t know why. I don´t want any of them. They both have awful statements.

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"Most people want Trump"

Polling simply does not prove that to be true. Most polls have Hillary Clint up by a marginal amount, and some have them tied, but there is nowhere near sufficient polling to back up the claim that most want Trump.

And which of Hillary Clinton's statements would you say are anywhere near as bad as the shit Trump says? Like that Obama is the founder of ISIS, that he knows more about ISIS than our generals, that America is a third world country, that he would attack a sovereign Iranian warship, etc etc etc.

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