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tv is too violent

is tv too violent!?


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Das ok. I has a TV Guide so I always know what it's thinking.

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If anything, TV isn't violent enough- it won't even stand up for itself.

I've seen TV's broken by a large dog jostling the tv stand, I've seen them broken by someone losing their grip on a wiimote and sending it flying into the screen, I've seen them broken by a kid bouncing on the damned wall mount.

In no cases did the TV ever make the slightest attempt to defend itself or retaliate. In the case of the dog, at the very least it would only have had to shift about a foot to land on the dog and take its revenge- but like a glossy flat Ghandi, it simply went in peace.

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I don't think so. Mainstream TV still censors gory scenes. The news media still censors certain violent acts from being shown on TV.

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