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 twilight saga-Edward or Jacob? (10)

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twilight saga-Edward or Jacob?

you must have read the twilight books. who do you think is better? edward cullen or jacob black?

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2 points

in my opinion......edward is loooooooooooooooooooooooooooots better....seriously jake,,,,u needa work harder. he's soooooooo responsible n dashin!!!!!!!! god!!!!!!


1 point

I love EDWARD too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he rocks..........

jacob is a fun guy but he's the second option!!!!

Side: Edward

Yay! Stalker dead guy that preys on girls own insecurities vs a wife beating, angry, pedophilliac werewolf! both choices sound so good

Side: Hunchback of Notre Dame
1 point

well... technically jacob is "HOT" i.e. he has very high body temperature. but in the case of good looking and brainy hotness EDWARD is no.1

Side: Edward

Jacob because he was shirtless.

Side: Edward
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Well Edward is sweeter and a better person and for that I love him... but Jacob is wayy HOTTER!!!!!!!

Side: Edward
mitgag(1652) Disputed
1 point

no way ed is and will always be morehotter than jacob;);)

Side: Edward
1 point

u r sooooooooooo right!!!!!!!!!! ed is soooooooooooo muchhhhhhhh bettttrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Side: Edward
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Edward is definitely better and so much hotter, for god sake Jacob is a dog! People can call it a werewolf but really he is just an overgrown dog!

Side: Edward