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Is there alot of violence in the world. why or why not?
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I think that it may be but maybe something that has to so many different ways to only find the only so far but yet not has even seen it.

jerbear(118) Clarified
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what in the world are you trying to say not being mean but you may want to proof read before sending these ....don't feel bad please know im not good at this either I have to proof read and still cant nail it ...but seriously as a reader I have no idea what your saying ...maybe im stupid could you please clarify ....

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I love shooting wild game to put meat on the table. Do you consider hunting Violence ?

cballer(52) Clarified
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No i don't consider that violence but if you are killing something that can make you pay a money then yeah.

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Prophecy Sign: Violence will fill the Earth

"As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man" Matthew 24:37 ....

Jesus gave this warning to his disciples and all Christians that have lived over the last 2,000 years and up to today.

It was a warning of a major sign that would be a prelude to Christ's coming to this earth.

The general consensus interpretation of this prophecy usually suggests that Christ was talking about

the Great Tribulation period and what would be taking place at that time .......

Violence will fill the earth 1

Violence will fill the earth 2

although we (those watching) will see the day approaching


Keep your ears to the ground and eyes to the sky

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I just want to say I am really big fan of your posts they are well grounded in GOD and I just love to hear his word it makes me feel like im not alone .....I pray that GOD seals his number in your forehead and puts his protections and blessing upon you ....

cballer(52) Clarified
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thank you and i hope he does the same to you i thought. i was the only one to put know i know i have other people there.

cballer(52) Clarified
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ops my bad wrong person i was suppose to send that to my other friend im so sorry

Violence could be a problem if we didn't know how to change. If people change, this could be different in the future or the past

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It hardly happens, but people just love to put emphasis on bad situations, which gives the appearance of a more violent world.

There are areas were violence is much more prevalent, but , on scale with the rest of world , the percentage of violence is quite miniscule.

Yeah there is a lot of violence ! One of the main causes is religion .

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The USA is more violent than it should be.

We need stricter gun control laws. And more secure borders. And less minorities who do most of the violent crime.

But overall the world is more peaceful now than ever before!

A fact I have stated and supported with links several times here..

So I won't do it again.

But.....if you doubt me, please look it up.

We need more violence. Turning other cheek is pussy shit - encourages transgression fro people with no morals

jerbear(118) Disputed
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im not being as formal and kind today so if I come off snarky im sorry ...also good luck with my spelling im also sorry for this as well .....violence is a system that self perpetuates ....hurt people hurt people ...this idea that we need more violence is just plain crazy......and being kind does not encourage an attack selfish assholes look for easy targets we have had a policy of peace thru strength ...were in the hell has this gotten us ...oh ya a never ending cold war arms build up that now means the next world war probably destroys the entire earth and most life on it not to bright....we could have tried loving eachother forgiving eachother and being friendly to one onother every person who dies at the hand of another had a mom a dad and others who loved them dearly what right does someone have to separate loved ones on such a semi perminant basis as death..... we don't have the right to kill one another this is nuts I hear people always saying we need a stronger military...fuck no we need to fire every cop every soldier on earth and people need to start behaving like adults ....if its not yours don't touch it if she aint your wife or commited girlfriend don't fuck her ...or him...or what ever don't cheat ....if it aint the truth don't say it ...if it is mean to say keep it to yourself ....unless its constructive....if its evil don't go there ...don't kill things ....including animals .....not even for food ....we can live off vegetarian....and I feel great and look meat is not needed ...GOD didn't put us here to be dicks to each other your argument is out of anger I forgive you but wow ...

I blame Trump. .

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ok im sorry but on what reasonable thought process does violence solve anything ......we don't need violence ....Christians wake up ..GOD led 2.5 million people out of the most advanced civilization on earth with the wealth of it ....he did so with not a single gun sword or battle .....this mass exodus then was led away from the most advanced military on earth at this time with nothing more than a stick .....remember he had sick old and children in the middle of nowhere on foot ...being chased by a pissed war machine ...and what happened next ...victory ...without war....the Egyptians chose violence and they got it they could have stayed home and rethought the slave trade....this did not happen though did it as the middle east is currently enslaving little kids to sex...this is just yucky .....when YESHUA was taken by the roman empire GOD had a unreal death squad ready to wipe out life if YESHUA chose to not go thru this ...but he never called them down so if he did not repay violence with violence then who in the hell are you......when peter cut off the soldiers ear not only did YESHUA replace the ear but he treated his capture kindly who the hell are you ...I used to train with weapons was in an elite army unit I did mma and other things to learn to give back what I was givin what did it get me ....way less than I ever expected I regret everything I learned and did as I learn more and more about this planet GOD and truth I learn I get in the way of a better out come when I feel like I need to fight back...I do more harm than good now I just let go and let GOD im better off this way and so would you be ....look around ....hurt causes hurt ..nothing else ....please stop the violence it doesn't work its just plain bad policy forgiveness and love is all you need ....that's it to anyone in government just stop ww3 wont happen if we all just drop it just walk away and forgive and lets just love eachother you have tried everything else so just try this

cballer(52) Disputed
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it was a simple answer yes there is alot of violence or not i am a christian and i know what god did ok, im talking about the devil not god im saying is there going to violence because of the devil.god is i great man i know what he did. but im not saying god did violence im saying the devil did

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Violence has always existed in the world, many animals must kill to survive.

Violence is,"behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something." However, violence isn't always immoral, if your using it for a good purpose.