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was bush a effictive presidnet

what is your opinion on the 43th president of the united states of america like him not what didi he get done anything lots of things


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oh yes president bush did and acomplished a lot he cut taxes , created jobs, created a reformed smaller more effictive goverment, made america a safer place , created a eduaction reform NCLB witch made our edcuation sytem the best in the world we are less relient on oil and oil on foreign countries were are a stronger nation oh yes president bush is one of the best presidents ever close with regan

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dave93(85) Disputed
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1. cut taxes? In the 09/08/10 speech, Obama said that "under the tax plan passed by the last administration, taxes are scheduled to go up substantially next year for everybody."

2. created jobs? well you also argue that a recession actually increases jobs?! Oh yeah, the economic downturn we're having, obviously not created by Bush's war spending.

3.effective government? I didn't see anything effective or fast in the way Bush responded to the victims of hurricane Katrina.

4. education the best in the world? well i guess so, since we spend the most on education in the world...oh wait, we're not ranked #1? No, we're ranked #18!

5. less reliance on oil? oh I guess throwing the Kyoto Protocol away, for which countries will have to change to cleaner forms of energy, finally made Bush realize that we should have less reliance on oil but I'm not going to do anything about it cause I'm stupid.

6. best president ever? well that explains the second lowest if not the lowest approval rating in United States history.

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Extremely effective, President Bush pushed for education reform and this moderator is a product of that. I wonder if they both read the same one book, "Dick, Jane and Spot".

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President Bush caused the economic recession and he got this country involved with two wars in the Middle East.

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