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what are your top 5 debaters here on CD?

heres mine (in no particular order):

5: iMisterH

Reason: Kinda sucks this guy doesn't go on as much as he use to. Anyways iMisterH is one of our newest here on CD and I must say he is quite good when it comes to debating. his opinions are very interesting and almost always agree's with everything I have to say and vice versa. 


4: Littlemisfit

Reason: Littlemisfit is one of the most highly intelligent debaters on this site. Hes one of the reasons Im the person I am today. His opinions are always interesting and useful. Overall hes a good debater and you wont be dissapointed if you challenge him to a debate. He puts up a good fight.


3: Starchild123

Reason: At first I didn't know what to think of her. I had mixed opinions about her at first but now I see her as a good asset to our community and Im glad we have her here on CD. Starchild123 is one of the newest members to our nice little community. She is in my opinion the most intelligent theistic debater we have had in a long time here on CD. I hope she continues to stick around and I hope she continues to have a wonderful time here.


2: thousandin1

Reason: Why?! Why cant there be more debaters like thousandin1? Tell me damn it! Anyways, thousandin1 is one of the most open minded and insightful debaters here on CD. He always makes sure to think things through before making an argument. Once he does compose an argument he does so in the most respectful way possible. His arguments are always intelligent and well thought out.

1: MuckaMcCaw

Reason: MuckaMcCaw is one of our oldest members and if I must say his arguemnts are absolutely amazing. Just like thousandin1's his are always well thought out and intelligent. Honestly it makes me wonder, has this guy ever lost a debate before? He makes even the most convinced theist think about his or her beliefs. If your in a debate with this guy just a little warning, prepare to get your ass kicked because the chances of anyone beating the mighty Mucka are slim.

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Jace - reasons: intelligent analytic and remains humble.

Thousandand1 - reasons: knowledgeable and detail oriented; plays around with stupidity.

Harvard (aka HarvardGrad, or JavaScript) - reasons: narcissist, therefore includes self where there is noteworthy praise involved.

Why didn't I put Harvard on my list in the first place? ;)

Atrag(5556) Disputed
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HarvardGrad(174) Disputed
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:O Holy s&#@! Oh no you busted me! Even though when I was "HarvardGrad" I explicitly stated I was currently attending [Harvard] and that when I was creating a username I thought "Harvard" would already be taken, but you still busted me! Great job detective! XD

Oh yea, here's a reference to the time I was using the alias "HarvardGrad". Why didhumansstarttoeatmeatWere_Herbivores

Just look under me and thousandin1's arguments and you will see my username story, Mr. Holmes. ;)

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I like myself screw all you guys.

Thanks, that's one of the greatest compliments I've ever received. You just made my day.

Haha hey no problem. Just saying it like it is. Hope you stick around on CD.

I kindly thank you for acknowledgment. I greatly appreciate it. I know I may have some extreme views on things, but I'm glad to see that you accept that.

I wouldn't necessarily say "extreme" but at least your not like Lolzors.

I decided to bring back my top 5 debaters from 2013. Only this one's more of an updated version. Anyways, my list is in the description. I'm interested to hear your guys top 5 debaters here on CD.

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Hellno is my favorite person on here because he is funny and her has a good heart.

Damn popularity contest.

Thousandin1 almost never includes any links to support his opinions.

Here on createdebate, bullshit rules and facts are ignored.

Since this is what it takes to be great here, I'm glad I'm not on the list.

HarvardGrad(174) Disputed
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I'm glad I'm not on the list.

No you're not.

Thewayitis(4071) Disputed
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Why would anybody want to be known as popular on this site? That is like saying that you want to stand in line to jump off the Empire State Building, both are self destructive.

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1. Hellno because he has a good heart and has been so kind to me. 2. Srom for loving Yeshua. 3 4. Warjin for having my back. 5. Judas for being sexy.. Andy for having this site.