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yes their to dangerous no they protect us
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what do you think about are nukes being token away

yes their to dangerous

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no they protect us

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taken away by whom? The technology and knowledge to create nuclear weapons is, for better or worse, out there in the public domain now. Kinda like meth recipes.

Can we forcibly eliminate it from our collective conscious? No. Even if we could, would it be worth it in any practical sense? This would involve one group using force against another if they refused to relinquish particular weapons.

Be sure we'll invent new, more efficient ways of killing large numbers of people. Banning substances or procedures is not, imo, the effective solution. The solution lies in eliminating the desire and justification for using such substances/processes/technology for such purposes in the first place.

Side: No forced disarmament
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you don't get it do to the fact that dark matter was just found we have no way of controlling the energy transform of plasm and other energy needs for piratical weapons

Side: no they protect us
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this is the only reason were still alive in fact im surpised we still are do the fact that their missiles are pointing at us write now

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