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what everyone can do to slow global warming

due to the green house effect our climate is warming. the level of CO2 in the earths atmoshphere

is increasingly on the rise. this could mean devastation to the fragile Eco-system  throughout the

world. here is a tip to reduce the emissions of poisonous gas by up to 60%! won't you please help save our environment? here's how; locate a plastic bag that is air tight when blown up

attach bag to anus and expel all body gases into bag. once bag is fully inflated with bio gas carefully remove bag as to not allow any of the gas to escape. dig a hole and place charcoal into the bottom of the hole, fill with water. place bag open side into water, release gas. to further stay green for our environment, re-use bag. something so small could be a big help!Money mouth

stay green america!!!

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Here's another tip: Take the bag, wrap it around someone's head (your own if there's no one around), wait until they've have stopped breathing, bury them (or wait to be buried :).

If you don't like that idea, try this:

Here are a few:

-Paint your roof white

-By more efficient light bulbs and home appliances (this will cut down no electricity bills as well)

-Save electricity in general by turning out lights, and unplugging appliances your not using (they take up electricity even when they're plugged in and off)

-Buy fuel efficient cars and where convenient car pool or use public transportation

-Inflate your tires

-Buy food grown locally, and products made locally

-Support leaders who promise to do something about global warming in local, state and federal elections

-I'm hesitant to say this because people tend to get pissy, but if you're really extreme you can eat lower on the food chain, a.k.a. become a vegan (note: I am not a vegan because meat cheese and other animal products taste way too good).

I'm sure there's a lot of other things I forgot to mention, but this is just what I could think of off the top of my head.

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I've liked the idea of painting roofs white for a while now, but people just don't take it seriously. It probably wouldn't look great, but still, if the effects are big enough it's worth it.

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I wonder if painting a roof white would make the house cooler.....

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It would, because the light gets reflected, not absorbed and radiated into heat.

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JakeJ(3254) Disputed
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Democrats: "So yeah, to avoid the end of the world do all this. And uh , ...OH yeah, I almost forgot, vote for me while your at it, yeeeah thanks."


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If the Republican candidates also talking about passing legislation that addresses climate change, then go right ahead and vote for him.

Once again, not a political issue.

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Spoonerism(831) Disputed
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You make it sound like a big task has been asked of you. We're such a wasteful society. Being asked to use less, drive less, and use responsibly is not a big request. Furthermore, we ALL have a duty, regardless of political affiliation or even the country in which we live, to maintain the earth.

I don't understand why more conservatives aren't on board with this, honestly. Aren't they the ones who are always shouting for religion and supporting religious issues? What bigger one is there than this? God gave us the planet and we are destroying it. What greater duty can there be than to care for God's creation?

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JakeJ(3254) Disputed
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Okay regardless of global warming being true or false:

Should I still have the freedom to paint my roof whatever color I want? To buy whatever light bulbs I want, to drive whatever car I want?

Or is freedom just another sacrifice....

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I think you're creating a strawman argument here Jake.

No one is forcing anyone to buy a certain type of lightbulb, or paint their roof a certain way. Educating people on how they can help if they want to is all my suggestions were about.

Now there does come a time when people's effect on the environment becomes so great that the government does have to step in. Allow me to give you an example:

Have you ever heard of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)? Well assuming your science class didn't teach you about them, essentially they were used for refrigeration (among other things) and worked really well. The problem was that scientists began to discover that CFCs are really good at breaking down ozone in a chemical reaction. Less ozone, means that more of the suns harmful rays get through the atmosphere which can lead to things like skin cancer. In order to reverse this effect, the government banned CFCs, and sure enough the ozone layer recovered.

So you have to understand that there's a balance at work. We have the freedom to do what we want, unless those actions are hurting others. In the case of CFC's this required direct government intervention. For global warming, our current actions are much less direct. Instead of forcing people to buy certain cars or light bulbs or use certain types of energy the government is giving economic incentives (such as the cash for clunkers program that is all of the news, or research money for alternative energy).

The reason this is necessary is because an unregulated free market does not care about the environment. If something is profitable, people will do it regardless of the effect on the environment, therefore we need some entity to step in and ensure that we don't destroy the planet.

If we don't give up some small freedoms now, then future generations will be left with far less freedoms then they would enjoy otherwise (because of crop failures and those displaced by rising sea levels among other things).

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