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what happens when you can't prove something that you know exists?

like the non physical realm, we know its there, but we can't prove it with science, only our own experience



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The answer to your question is that you have three options:

1) Go see a therapist for medication to fix your head

2) Deteriorate further into the realms of delusional insanity

3) Worship that damn thing like there's no tomorrow.

I combined 2 and 3 into a badass mix :)

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well you and a lot of other people on this site should know that the non physical realm exists, how can you deny this?

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Del1176(4967) Disputed
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I am not ignorant of the truth of Nihilism.

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feelingtruth, there are those, like prodigee, that write off the non-physical truths as being crazy, drugged out illogical lunatics just believe in something for the fun of it.

I agree with you feelingtruth, you nailed it. It's obviously obvious that a realm exists that which science cannot detect, I call it "the unknown", as a loosely based phrase.

Most atheist like to pull the "god of the gaps" card. As if there cannot be truth without science "detecting it".

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Keep it a secret, or talk abot it as a probable hypothesis depending on degree of mundaneness. For example: descriptions of all three types of deity and two types of corporeal immortals is more hypothetical, and reseach based, so best to research more and find more evidence before you tell anyone. But "there are probably three types of deity, (demon (lhp), enlightened (rhp) and kami (nat))" works fine because most people won't know what the hell you're going on about.

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Elvira(3446) Clarified
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And I think it's plane, not realm. Realms are territories in planes.

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Personally, I dont think it matters if people will believe or not. There are times when you just had to be selfish and ignore the opinion of the world about your personal aspects.

Unless your denounce respect and try to drag them to your belief, now thats a topic worth of a facepalm

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Nope. It's not real, it doesn't exist.

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so you are disputing leading scientists?

please, please share with us your knowledge

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Doherty95(299) Disputed
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What leading scientists are you on about?

Please tell us their names

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nummi(1432) Disputed
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You said "like the non physical realm, we know its there, but we can't prove it with science, only our own experience".

Now, prove it is real.

There ya go, it's not real, it doesn't exist. Because you made it up!

But let's take this in another way. Prove that Oslanir doesn't exist. And so what if I made it up, and so what if I didn't go any further than just the name? You make things up and believe they are real all the time, or that's the impression I'm getting from you anyway, you definitely are too credulous in certain regards.

I know what you said is made up, all it takes to fathom that fact is to know sufficiently about our brains and what they are made of. If you think what you made up is real then you must absolutely regard my made up place or thing, or whatever it stands for, the same way.

The realm you are talking about does not exist.

If we can experience something then it can be measured scientifically. Our minds, our senses are, after all, biological instruments of measurement.

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If you cannot prove its existence then you either must admit that it may not exist, or admit you may be insane.

It is a fact, if you cannot prove it, then whether it exists cannot be known. There is no way around this fact. If your mind does not allow you to question it, your mind is broken.

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