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what in your assumption of bronto's secret of staying on top of the weekly leade

Week after week, bronto has dominated the leaderboards on this website, what do you think is his secret? maybe bronto himself could tell everyone.
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7 points

He has no life.

And he also has many many avatars and is a point whore.

But mostly it's because he has no life.

Am I wrong, Mr legless Cherokee veteran chimpanzee with the robotic arm?

1 point

Well let's just take a looksie, shall we?

Bronto has 8161 points.

Bronto has 8117 arguments.

A difference of 44 points, which isn't much. Pretty balanced.

Let's compare this to "hell no" who sits at 2nd on the leader board.

Points 17618

Arguments 14625

A difference of about 3,000 points

Now let's look at PhxDemocrat.

Points 13123

Arguments 11828

A difference of about 1,300

Now let's look at Srom.

Points 12116

Arguments 9267

A difference of about 3,000 points.

Now let's look at PrayerFails.

Points 11170

Arguments 8683

A difference of about 2,500 points.

Now let's look at Jolie.

Points 8732

Arguments 5619

A difference of about 3,000 points.

1 point

You know, right, that it just proves what he said?

I hardly care about the points or the difference (as you can see, it's about 30% for me). The difference increases when you downvote others, or are active on a debate beyond the posssibility to earn points, or rarely use the Clarify button. I believe some information on that is available in the FAQs.

In other words, you care too much about points.

Add the weekly leaderboard (in other words, frequency) to that... and it's clear as vaccuum.

addltd(5142) Disputed
0 points

Bronto, your problem is you go back into old debates and post rubbish! There can be a wide sein in point if you create debates and if those debates get activity. You are using the wrong metrics to evaluate yourself against the general population.

1 point

But mostly it's because he has no life.

A bad day debating is better than a good day at work eh Grenache? (Snicker)

xljackson(260) Disputed
1 point

Lol What!?!?!

Are you just trying to tell us that you don't have a job and spend all your time 'debating'?

You still live with mum don't you....? :)

4 points

He has mastered the game and is 'A number 1' on the site.

I predict he will run out of steam in due course but shall remain indefinitely within the top 10.

He's not gratuitously critical nor a ''name caller'', ( like I am) but opposes counter views with logic and well researched facts.

Let's give credit where credit is due and congratulate him on his 'thought stimulating' posts and great contribution to the site.

Three cheers for Bronto.

2 points

Hello beast:

Bront knows how to sit at home and make money on the internet.. I say, GOOD for him. My guess is he's paid for clicks - on his pretty pictures, on his youTube channels, and on his links to right wing websites..


1 point

Flooding CD with his madness, day after day. He has that right, one of the disadvantages of a democracy.

I will say that the First Amendment needs some clarification on just what is allowed in "free speech". Like yelling FIRE in a crowded building, there should be some definitions on what constitutes "hate speech" and it should not be allowed any more than "hate crimes".

1 point

Sexual excitement by points causes him to be on here around 6 hours a