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 what is a fast and effective way to lose weight? (7)

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what is a fast and effective way to lose weight?

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There are a number of ways to effectively lose weight, but there are two things you can do to lose weight efficiently. I'm an older man, and I've managed to keep in shape by following these simple rules:

1. First of all, you need to eat right. You can't sit around, stuffing your face full of food and then go for a ten minute walk to the video store and expect results. You need to eat good, healthy foods and stay away from sweets. Silent killers are muffins, bagels, and corn cereal. These are three things that can make you gain weight like nobody's business. I would stay away form those foods, and eat good foods packed with protein and other good things like vegetables, fruit, chicken and (free-range, local, organic chicken) fish (free-range, local, organic fish).

2. Second of all, you need to exercise on a daily basis. Even if it's just going for a quick jog around the block a few times, it's good for your body. You don't need any fancy exercise regimen or the Stair Master or some huge personal gym to stay fit. Sure, it's nice to have a gym membership so that you can go there to lift weights once in a while, but really what you need for exercising are these four things: Running, jumping jacks, sit-ups and push-ups.

If you do 15 minutes of running, 30 jumping jacks, 20 sit-ups and 10 push-ups ever day, on top of eating healthy and not falling for those sweet snack packed with carbs and high-fructose corn syrup, you will begin to see results within a couple of weeks, guaranteed. That's all it takes.

You've heard them over and over again, but that's what's needed to lose weight, keep weight off, and gain muscle.

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Thank u! Ive lost 75 pounds follow in a similar diet plan. The main thing is to control the eating because if u cant go exercise then you will just stay at home and over eat. Probably the worst thing is the bloated feeling! cant stand it!

I know what you mean. Even when I was younger and not an old codger ( :] ) I suffered from obesity. This diet plan got me through it all.

Stop eating. If you can't do that, then cut back on what you eat. if you can't do that, exercise. If you can't do that, get liposuction. If you can't do that, get your stomach stapled smaller. If you can't do that, then wait until you are dead, then you will certainly lose wait ;)

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The solution isn't rocket-science. Eat less and exercise more. You have to realize losing weight needs to be a lifestyle change. You can't stop eating and exercise really, really hard for a week or two and then stop because you reach your desired weight. You have to keep it up your whole life. You have to eat regularly or else you will binge. You have to eat the right food too, never ever go to a fast food restaurant or ANY restaurant it you want to lose weight. Eat healthy, natural foods like fruits and vegetables. Foods I eat on a regular/daily basis are, organic yogurt, oranges, apples, bananas, grapefruit, oatmeal, natural peanut butter, almonds, raisins and salad. Some of these foods may sound boring to you but they are foods that people are meant to eat, when you start eating them and get off junk food your taste buds will change. Remember, you can COMPLETELY control your entire body through what you eat and how much you exercise, don't throw your body away by not taking care of it and please don't try pointless weightloss programs that don't work and just make you frusterated!!

Eat foods low in carbohyadrates and fats, high in protein - about 5 - 6 times per day.

Exercise vigorously - I'd walk about 3-10km a day about 3 days per week.

Fasting works. It takes great will power but someone will lose weight who fasts.