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what is better for you

my brother says diet soda is just as unhealthy as regular soda

Diet soda

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Regular soda

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I say Diet Soda because there are no calories so you don't have to worry about any weight gain as opposed to regular soda.

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I guess regular soda, because I think obesity is a little less deadly than cancer.

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They're probably equally bad. But regular soda tastes a lot better than diet. Especially Dr. Pepper and Coke.

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Man, They are both bad. But regular soda is so good. Diet soda is so gross.

So if you are going to drink soda, might as well just drink regular.

Although diet is not as fatening, but there is more to take into consideration.

I took a sip of some caffine free diet Dr.Pepper, and the crappie diet taste stayed in my mouth. Call me a fatty but I had to eat some chocolate to get rid of the bad after taste.

I think gatorade is healthier than both.

Taste o Meter

Soda>Gatorade>Juice>Water>Diet Soda

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Water>Juice>Gatorade>Soda>Diet Soda

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Welp, I'm gonna be honest with you. Both varieties are extremely bad for you and filled with shit that'll screw you up. But I'd rather not have a diet soda.

A lot of diet sodas ingredients are ones that will actually make you hungrier. They taste horrible, and the sweeteners involved are more synthetic than that in regular sodas. They're terrible.

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Diet soda is full of chemicals that do more harm for your body than good. Regular soda is only a factor to those who have diabetes then diet is the only route, or better to not drink soda at all. Diet soda tastes bad, isn't better for you than regular soda, AND most importantly regular soda tastes good. =]

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