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halo wars!!!!! Red Alert 2
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what is better halo wars or Red Alert 2

just wondering what you guys think

halo wars!!!!!

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Red Alert 2

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hmm i like halo wars more than Red alert 2 because i keep losing in Red alert 2 and halo wars are practically more easier to play. Red alert two gives you a chance to build the place where you want your base to be but i prefer a stationary base than a movable base.

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Red Alert 2; and here's why.

1. Computer-based. This means the game is much deeper, much more customizable, and has the ability to change when users change it. Downloads allow you to create maps to expand the playability of the game.

2. Unlimited building area. The whole map is your playground; do with it whatever you want. Some bases are big enough to require a full-time awareness of every component. You build what you can afford, not what you can fit. (Usually)

3. Build faster and build more. Multiple bases and multiple spawn points allow you to build faster and build more.

4. Speed of game. The computer's inputs, such as the mouse and keyboard, allow for faster commands and faster moves. The game moves along faster, but this also means games with evenly matched opponents can last for ages.

Red Alert is a better game. It is, you could say, the sequel to the original. So many modern games are based off of the gaming style of Red Alert 1 & 2 - back from the good ol' days of computer games.

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Yeah french i totally agree with you, Red Alert Two has all those features and it's hella fun !

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yeah red alert 2 is way better than halo wars. Halo wars sucks big time. one up-vote for you kroticfate ^^

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duncer(419) Disputed
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Red alert two is the best and it's better than halo wars many many times :D

And duncer you derserve those down-votes for your stupid comments xD

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Red Alert 2, duh, its classic!

I mean Shocktroopers that go BZZZZZ

and Chrono Legionnaires that can teleport through space and time, DAMN!! and food! (JK)

no but seriously, take some tesla coils and those humans and covenenant are fried,and if that dosent work, teleport behind then and give'em a wedgie


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Red Alert 2 all the way. I have also tried to play halo wars and I think that it lack main component to enjoy and game: that is adventure and fun. Red alert 2 is such a holler.

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