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 what is ur favorite country (17)

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what is ur favorite country

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Del1176(4967) Clarified
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I posted incorrect link for Japan (it links one backwards from image)

Look at this instead:

Hellno(17756) Disputed
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Hawaii isn't a country... derp!

Del1176(4967) Disputed
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It should be.

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mine favorite country will be canada. :) wat about urs. and i dont even live there

Japan's pretty awesome. Land of the rising technology. I'm also pretty into anime and Japanese women.

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How far in are you?

I'm so deep I'm touching their Ki

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Israel because that is where Jesus was born and I would love to see where He went and the artifacts they found 2,000 years ago. I hope someday I can visit the place where He once was.

Japan. I speak some Japanese and I stayed there for a few years. It is very amazing.

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Canada, of course.

Other than that, I'm partial to Russia or Croatia.

My favorite is the Litchenstein country! I love it here yes! We roll in the barley and I pet my alpaca Schvetlana and she gives us many good sweaters. No other country is better! Hooray!

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Australia :3 It looks so nice, I just want to go there :D