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will you call the police hit him/her very hard
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what will you do if someone caught while stealing your wallet?

will you call the police

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hit him/her very hard

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Id say call me if you find any money there .

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Your wallet is an important possession that contains most of your personal information, so if your wallet is stolen then you will want to act quickly. Even though the police will likely be unable to track down the thief, there are several steps that you can take to protect your identity and begin the recovery process.for more visit on

Side: will you call the police
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It depends on whom it is but if I assume you mean an ordinary looking complete stranger then I would use force to take it back. I say ordinary looking because if I thought it was a hardened criminal I'd assume they were armed and not be so stupid.

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Of course! Then call the cops later and claim self defense..............................

Side: hit him/her very hard