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dota 2 league of legends
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which game is better? dota 2 league of legends

поговорим о плюсах и минусах

dota 2

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league of legends

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That's right, I watched the whole movie. It's a very good movie about zombies.


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Try RussianRoulette or Chinese Torture games, we seem to have let ourselves become the masochistic playthings of amusement for the world's dominant communism regimes.

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Of course, League of Legends is much more popular than Dota 2 in Asian countries. It seems to me that the reason is that the League is much brighter, it is easier to learn how to play it and it was released before Dota 2. In addition, recently many people switched to LoL due to a not very successful update in Dota.

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Simply Dota 2 isn't always the hardest one to research, but to master. variety of heroes and apex legends isn't the primary purpose (u can see any other sport, lol has extra heroes number, which is about 150). it is alternatives, or in other words, the freedom to decide and do something u want.

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