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which is better the AK-47 or the AK-74u


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ya but the AK-47u has slower reload rate but the AK-47 has better accuracy and better handling and plus its easyer to get then the AK-47u

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the AK-47 is more accurate than the ak-74u but they both are good guns i prefer my RED TIGER BARRET .50 CAL. W/ an acog u outa try it it works pretty good. oh ya and my P90 its my fav auto and for long range assult... the M14

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they shoot faster and have higher penetration- equivialent as some said to m16. no wrong- m16 has higher accuray, less power, farther range. ak47u is fastest, but overwhelm by innacuracy to be an appropriate good gun.

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this gun is more powerful but is the smaller version of the ak-47

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THe gun is better for charging in instead of support closer to a smg.

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