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which is the person who inspire you the most in your life ?

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Several people. Usually comedians. I find inspiration in almost every comedian I listen to, mostly George Carlin.

Listen to Bill Hicks if you haven't already personally i think hes more inspirational than Carlin, ,although it is close.

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Strangely enough, The Joker from The Dark Knight. Just kind of an idol of sorts.

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HUH? In life? Family? The internet? CD? This needs to be more specific.

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Wait! It doesn't matter... I inspire myself the most !

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I know this is going to sound completely stupid, but, my boyfriend. He saved me, and he pushes me to do a lot, even if he doesn't really want me to. XD

...>_> Now I feel awkward.

That's good lets just see if he marry's you soon.

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>_< SILAS!!! Don't say things so lightly! I"m only eighteen! Even if he doesn't, I can still be happy with him just being with me...

I don't think he wants to make me feel like I have to chose between him and a career anyway. So he'll wait...

Grrr.... Got me thinking now

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Paul of Tarsus.

He is a prime example of living 100% for what you believe in. No matter what life threw at him, he never gave up. And even in the end, he was encouraging other people to live their fullest.

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My daughter, enough said. Everything I do is with her in mind.

No one, theres is noone in my life that inspires me, i have no one to live up in my life.

People who have inspired me outside my life, well there are many. Two come to mind:

Noam Chomsky

Alan Watts

The person that has inspired me the most has to be my sister. She is an extremely intelligent and strong person.

I would have to say my Mom because she instilled in me all that was right to do.

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It bugs me how everyone always down votes you even though you say nothing to disagree with anyone T_T So I up voted you ^_^

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