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cod-pownage(126) pic

who is better, boys or girls?

List the reasons why boys/girls are better. no "girls rule the world" or "we just do". list your reasons like 'boys can drive better" or "girls are prettier"

Girls, make an argument that is supported by data or usually applies. NO STEREOTYPES IF THEY ARE PROVEN WRONG ! dont make random sentences like other girls in other debates.

Guys, list valid reasons. Make sense.

here is my debate. women look at 5. guys look at how it makes sense.  Near the bottom. the big one.

p.s. im bagging on girls cuz ive seen them plut stup reasons on similar debates


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ha boys are stronger smarter and they die before woman cause they want to

men fight for there rights women just beg for them

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women are weak so shut up i mean men are better at debating

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boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy oboy boy

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boys go to war girls sit around boy work girls sit around boy fight for there rights girls beg for them and fro thoose idiot girls who the childbirth is oh so painfull a kick to the balls is worse without men women cant get pregnet

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boys are better at making good chocies so haha idiot xdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdx

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Well this debate is now going to take center stage and if I'm not mistaken I had seen the same topic a couple of days back by another creator,it's horrific-in this case I support the boys-muscular strength,sharper,handsome,easily-acclimatizing attitude.

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Since when was there an argument about this topic? Everyone knows girls are better than boys!!!...:) Just kidding.

I really think there is a balance between the two genders. Girls excel in this, boys are better in that. If I had to pick, I'd probably say girls are better than boys.

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cod-pownage(126) Disputed
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Yeah. I thought guys were better cause they can do all the notable stuff. But I went online and a christian website said they were like yin and yang. Guys do stuff girls can't and vice versoa, but in modern society, guys are better.

Also, why are girls better? I've never seen a helpful argument explaining why girls are better.

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mrwhinchkins(6) Disputed
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So, cod-pownage, here are some reasons why girls are better than guys:

1) Their voices don't crack when they're going through puberty

2) They can cry in public and get away with it, whereas guys may be called "wussies" if seen crying

3) On average, girls live 7 years longer than guys

4) If guys are short, they can't wear high heels to make themselves taller :(

5) Girls can multi-task better than boys

6) Mostly boys go colour-blind

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