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who is your mentor

a mentor is someone who you look up to for advice and guidence and has been there for you when you needed them

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When I need guidance, I ask myself: "What would Newton do?". Unfortunately, he's been dead for some time, but such is his power as renders him omnipresent in the imagination of those privileged enough to have read his biography.

When I need guidance, I ask myself: "WWJD" or in plain English, "What would Joe do?" ;)

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Hmm, I'm a big fan of Einstein's philosophies, but I also enjoy the works of H.P. Lovecraft. I don't know, maybe I have no mentor, and just a collaboration of seperate theologies. I have yet to find a fellow nontheist.

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The only person who could be called a mentor to me died about twelve years ago. However I am thankful to this day for the time he shared with me.

When I am having a tough time with my trumpet studies, I sit down and listen to either Sergei Nakariakov, Marice Andrea or Alison Balsom. Their masterful playing gives me inspiration to keep working hard.