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 who's better? Batman, superman, flash, or wonderwoman. (9)

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who's better? Batman, superman, flash, or wonderwoman.

these 4 super heroes every one is talking about. which one do you choose




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i'll say batman. he doesn't have superpowers and sometimes is glad about it.

My opinion- (for each category I'll rank from best to worst)

Look/iconography-Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman

Setting/plot devices- Batman, Superman, Flash, WW

Characterization- Batman, Flash, WW, Superman

Power/Capability- Superman, Flash, WW, Batman

Villains and Supporting Cast- Batman, Superman, Flash, WW

Influence on Comics- Superman, WW, Flash, Batman

Personal enjoyment- Flash, Batman, Superman, WW

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thats true, but kinda need more context clues. but batmans cool

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Who's better , superman . He is the one person who has beaten bat man on a regular basis even when bat man has prep time . Bat man has beaten both wonder woman and flash with prep time and superman could beat them as well . So it pretty much comes down to bat man vs superman and superman can life planets and has beaten bat man even when bat man had kryptonite .

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I would have to say.... Batman! Because the dude has no powers and he's still badass! Look at the badass villans he has, which makes him even more badass!

Plus..... (Deep voice on) I'm Batman!

Ok so I'm a woman.. so what!? Haha

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flash is nice but there are other better super heroes too... martin man hunter,green lantern,and the hawk girl, they are also a part of the justice league and without them the league is incomplete

BATMAN!!!! He doesn't use any superpowers but he is still better than everyone superman, flash and wonderwoman.

I am partial to Superman because I think no other super hero can be a match to him.

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Wonder Woman! Female superheroes are so underrated! Wonder Woman has enhanced hearing, vision, speed, strength and regeneration properties! How cool is that?! I know some other heroes might have similar ones, but Wonder Woman has serious girl power. She's super strong and her whip's so cool!