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who will win the super bowl


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i think that the saints defense will destroy manning and the colts and Drew brees has really stepped up his passing game this season and plus this would be the saints first super bowl win ever!!!

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The NFC will beat the AFC. The Saints because they have a direct line to the man upstairs. ;)

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I think that the colts are going to smash the Saints. Manning is a beast in and outta the pocket and will continue to show us why he has won so many MVP's. The saints dont have any momtentum either. The Win lsat week was not to their credit. The Vikings played harder, with more passion, and with more skill. But the Vikings beat themselves with the turnovers. The Colts will win the SuperBowl, and Manning with get another MVP award.

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Oh Please, the Colts will destroy the Saints. The Colts have a better offense, defense, and special teams. Better QB, WR and TE, O-Line, D-Line, and LBs. The Saints have better RB and CB/Safeties.

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