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who would in a fight Sephiroth or Itachi Uchiha

firends of mine have came up with the sephiroth vs itachi conversation personally i think itachi but wha do u think

Itachi uchiha

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I think Itachi would win because he has sharigan and he has genjutsu and he is really fast. Also he has the susano that protects him and also the black fire he can do.

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Itachi would win he has great speed and has a good jutsus but I think that he would win.

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i know that itachi would win! for sure!!! his abilities, power, stamina, speed...he would win for sureeee! :3 moshimoshi <3

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the reason i think goku and sephiroth would makee the mistake and look inot itachis eyes and its over like that

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Goku would rape them both ;)

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Between his abilities to carry and wield an extremely large dai katana, fly, teleport, summon meteorites, destroy planets, use any materia he chooses, shoot energy out of said sword, kill off main characters mid story and finally the fact he can reconstitute himself from just a few of jenova cells... He would probably rip off Itachia's arms and then proceed to beat him to death with them. This wouldn't be a fight. It would be a slaughter.

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