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whos the best Drummer ever

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In my opinionA7X'S James " the rev" Sullivan was the best drummer ever even though hes gone u cant take away from his technique his skills and the energy he brought to the table as a drummer myself i try and emulate and incorporate some of things he did like the double ride thing the rev was awesome i believe hes was the best ever their wont be anyone that can replace him. best drummer ever

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Danny Carey, in my opinion. Great drummer, quick, rhythmical, and

nearly inhuman with his accuracy and speed.

Side: Danny Carey
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Neil Peart is the best drummer he is really good and is in the band Rush. I have seen him drum and he is really good. I think he does a great job

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mainly im talking about rock and metal and i feel like the rev is the best ever his musical style proves it plus he was just a drummer he was a percussionist very amazing plus u didnt state why ur drummer is the best

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In my opinion, Ringo Starr is the best drummer ever. He has a talent with those drums!

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Rev just had this energy and his style of play that can be mimicked but never recreated the way he drummed was just pure amazing all around best drummer ever

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What genre? For traditional, I'd say Gene Krupa. Jazz? Roy Haynes, hands-down. And as for rock drumming, nobody busted guts like John Bonham. He was a God of rock-and-roll drumming, and every other rock drummer on the planet (including Neil Peart) should be bowing to him before they sleep at night.

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