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 why cant i get 100 points? (16)

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why cant i get 100 points?

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Dear RandomDude,

There is only one way to lose downvoting people. If you down vote, you loose a point. The reason it is setup that way is to keep people from downvoting all the time. Apparently you didn't realize this. To give you a hint, click on your point total next to your name and you will see a history of ALL of your activity. you will see you have downvoted many arguments. That is why you hover near 100 points.

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Dude, I hit 100 points in a single day. I invite honest debate, and I tried to avoid upvoting OR downvoting on my own debates as a matter of principle. Now I find out that's a really good thing. Also you're rude and a bit of an ass. If you're smart i can't tell because it's obscured by your obnoxiousness. Just sayin' ;)

Srom(12206) Banned
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The reason also is because you keep down-voting me and other people and you lose points for doing that.

If I were you I wouldn't down-vote people a lot. I am just saying that because I used to down-vote a lot and now I stopped and I rarely down-vote now.

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Holy s*, all I just see is -1 all the time, no wonder....

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