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 why do so many atheists believe in aliens but not God? (42)

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why do so many atheists believe in aliens but not God?

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The proof is in the mathematics for alien life, as for God that is faith, as for our existence that is not proof of a biblical God, only proof of a creation of some sort (guess we can call it God, but not a man man book version).

Alien life is nearly mathematically impossible for their not to be in our universe and forget about it if the multi-verse theory holds to be true then it is 100% true that there are aliens.

Is there a God? if you call the creator of existence or point of existence God then Yes 100% there is a God, but not in any way a book or any man could explain.

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Where are all the aliens? If I ccan't see them, they must not exists.

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Atheists think that it is a good idea to look for aliens. Atheists don't look for God because the way God is defined it is impossible to look for. No atheist has confirmed that aliens exist.

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See? That's how atheists and theist are alike. They believe in the existence of something that neither has been able to confirm exists. But searching for God is considerably cheaper, you just pay a medium.

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If atheism means there is an absence of belief that deities exist then the proposition that the arrival of aliens on earth predating theism actually created theism by becoming the original objects of worship, i.e. "Gods" and thereafter the entire construction of religious devotion. In that case it would suggest to me that atheists would be ambivalent about the belief in aliens.

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You can't believe in aliens and believe in God and still be an atheist, dumbass.

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That's actually a very interesting question. To start with, Atheists are more likely to be members of academia, although it might be better to say that members of academia are more likely to be atheists. As such, they would be more familiar with things like the Drake Equation, which is an equation to show the likelihood of communicative life in our universe, and other mathematical and scientific findings towards the possibility of life outside our plant. Extraterrestrial life, to those among the more scientifically mind, is obviously probable. Yes, we've yet to find it, but its more likely that it exists than the contrary, so it's perfectly reasonable to believe it exists.

It's quite easy to understand for they are infidels and so as to make sure they also have some beliefs they say they believe in aliens,actually the infidels suffer from self-contradiction, so they don't know what to believe and what not

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Because we know that there are a countless amount of galaxies and the probability of life outside our tiny planet is far too great to deny.

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But how do you know that you are not in denial?

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In denial of what? Denial of God? Which one exactly? I only deny one more God than most theists ;)

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I was just trying to make a joke.